Tangtungan Project once again organizes Pencak Silat and Cultural Camp ” Pencak Wisata Budaya ”

On a full 3 days you will learn many things:

  1. Various Style of Traditional Pencak Silat
  2. Jemparingan, A Traditional Javanese Archery, you will learn directly from Royal Yogyakarta Archery Troop
  3. Gamelan, A Traditional Javanese Ensemble
  4. Batik, you will learn how to design and create Batik Pattern
  5. Blangkon, You will learn how to make Blangkon, Traditional Javanese Head Cover
  6. Silver, You will also learn how to make Traditional Javanese Silverware and Jewelry
  7. Keris, You will visit and learn how Royal Yogyakarta Empu (Blacksmith) create Keris
  8. And the best of All, in the last day you will Join The 5th Pencak Malioboro Festival, The biggest Pencak Silat Gathering, you will join more than 6000 Pencak Silat Enthusiasts from all over places

The Itinerary :

When : August 17th – 20th, 2017

Where : Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Camp will be in a nice beautiful place in the banks of Rice Field on one small village outside The City of Yogyakarta, with various exotic traditional meal everyday.

And the best of all is you will only have to come and have extraordinary experiences with us, everything is provided.


note :

  1. This event is by invitation only
  2. For Information regarding invitation Please Contact

Arief : +6281906083553 (Phone/Whatsapp) – arief.baskoro@gmail.com

or Send Inbox Message

  1. Camp, Meal 3x a day, and Tutor will be covered and provided
  2. However the The transportation, Visas and allowance during the visit in Indonesia will not be covered
  3. The Participant will not represent any school or style, and during the Pencak Malioboro Festival event they will represent the Pencak Wisata Budaya as participant
  4. further detail will be informed to the participant


Pencak Wisata Budaya

Pencak Wisata Budaya